School today can be so inconvenient. That is why so many schools are now happening online. In an effort to make this even more convenient there are textbooks that can be bought online as well. In fact, some of them have digital releases for the student’s ease of use. In anatomy class, this can be important. The visual guidance that is needed to truly understand the concepts for learning are important, and are all available now through the release of “Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 14th Edition.” It does, in fact, come in both digital and text options for your convenience.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 14th Edition offers the information and lectures for supplemental learning. The text includes visual guides, articles and quizzes to test new knowledge. These study tools allow lab exercises to explore the human body for the lab requirements in online courses. Students can even perform dissections on a fake cadaver for that part of the course. It is a complete package for anatomy and physiology. Here are some other features of the release.

  • Includes guidance to help students visually.
  • It includes summaries at the end of each chapter.
  • The book also offers learning aides.

Learning happens in several different ways for students. Some are more visual than others. Some people need more of a hands on experience for learning. Others must hear the learning in order to process the information. No matter which way a student needs to learn, this release offers everything that is needed for the future in school. Visual aides and audio learning allows the student to further process the information to increase learning.

Feedback and teaching aides allow the student to fully explore the human body. The level of learning can be as advanced as the students need to go as far as they like in anatomy and physiology. It is displayed in a format which is entertaining too. This helps protect against those boring moments which can inevitably occur with less effective teaching modalities.

This release is the 14th edition of the series and offers a wonderful package for students. The structure and design of the book is the perfect compliment to any online repertoire. When added to the study for anatomy and physiology of the human body, this will give students the kind of hands-on training which is demanded in today’s academic world.

The prices are reasonable and offer two varying ways to purchase the book. There is a text edition and a digital as well at two prices. While the text version is slightly more expensive, the option is available. Both the text and digital version offer the same level of education with all of the features that are needed to enhance learning.

The book offers options which can enhance the student experience as well. WileyPLUS comes as an option for a slight increase in the overall cost. Still, whatever option serves the student best, this release of Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 14th Edition is far superior to other anatomy and physiology books on the market.